A Story of Connecting in a Complex World – The Launch of Narayan Strategy

Jan 30, 2014

Photo from Hari Sangat SinghThe story of Narayan Strategy started many years ago as a series of ideas (don’t they always?). But they mixed and congealed in September 2013 when I started this firm, building on the inspiration of nearly 20 years of experience in science agencies in the government and the private sector. The story becomes even more real today as I proudly launch the web presence of Narayan Strategy, and this blog, The Water Pump – News from Narayan.

First, what is Narayan? /NUH-RYE’-UHN/ is a Sanskrit word that describes the sacred and restorative qualities of water. As a weather and climate policy expert, this word just clicked for me. Water plays a crucial role in so much of climate and weather – in all of water’s forms. How did I find such a name? As many of you know I am an avid yogini and I found this terminology through my yoga studies.

Narayan Strategy has already been helping clients connect to the right people at the right time, creating impact and exceeding their goals. We have a track record of working with small and large businesses, organizations, executives, government agencies and Congress. We specialize in making complex topics clear to diverse audiences – whether it is science, technology, the global environment or aerospace, or related to expansion abroad or government procurement and budgets. Our business is to help you advance your interests across cultures, across governments and across party lines. Learn more here about our specific services in government and international affairs and business development.

Narayan Strategy will provide you sound advice. But we are not your typical consultants. You can expect expert insights into the workings of science agencies, the politics of Capitol Hill and the cultural nuances of working successfully abroad. But most of all you can expect “out of the box” thinking and a dogged commitment to advancing your priorities in the science and technology community.

We look forward to connecting with you about the needs of your organization. Do reach out to us through our contact page or through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. And you can also meet with us at the 94th meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Atlanta, GA.

Building Connections in a Complex World – Narayan Strategy