Five Events You Do Not Want to Miss at AMS in Atlanta

(and how to connect with Narayan Strategy at the 94th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society)

Jan 31, 2014

Narayan Strategy looks forward to meeting you at the 94th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) in Atlanta, GA on 2-6 February 2014. We have a strong track record of helping businesses advance their reputation at AMS and other scientific and executive conferences – effectively reaching their government, academic and media audiences. We have the expertise and savvy to help expand your business. Drop us a message through our Contact page, and we can connect in Atlanta or wherever you are in the world.

Whether you have been to 35 annual meetings or this is your first, it is always helpful to get some guidance on what events you don’t want to miss at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) annual meeting. When you arrive and get handed that thick book of events or look at the event schedule online, it all seems a bit overwhelming, right?

I have started to lose track of the number of AMS meetings I have attended, but I have not missed one since I started, even the year of the ice storm in San Antonio, TX (not that unlike Atlanta, GA earlier this week). What I love about this annual gathering of incredibly smart and inspired climate and weather professionals is that there are fantastic chances to learn about cutting edge research along with some great chances for networking (and fun!) all week. I am not bashful to say that I look forward to AMS every year.

Here are the top events that Narayan Strategy would not miss at this year’s 94th annual meeting of AMS. All rooms noted are in the Georgia World Congress Center, unless otherwise stated.

1) 14th Presidential Forum (Monday, 3 February, 9-10:30 am, Thomas Murphy Ballroom)

Andy Revkin, Dot Earth blogger, The New York Times, will be speaking on “The New Communication Climate – An exploration of tools and traits that give the best chance of success in facing a fast-forward media landscape and changing climate”

(Why from Narayan? Revkin is a speaker that you will not want to miss – especially given how communications are only becoming more important in the climate and weather sectors. Look for me with an “AMS Beacon” lanyard welcoming everyone to the event.)

2) Societal Benefits from NOAA Environmental Satellites (Monday, 3 February, 1:30-2pm, C111)

Mary Kicza, Assistant Administrator of the Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS) at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will be the kickoff speaker at the Tenth Annual Symposium on New Generation Operational Environmental Satellite Systems.

(Why from Narayan? If you are excited about Earth observing satellites, you should be here. If you are an observer of smart government leaders who are effective, that is another reason to be here. There are many reasons why Mary Kicza is the longest standing Assistant Administrator at NOAA.)

3) Chat with scientists at poster sessions (every day on calendar)

One I do not want to miss is Heather Lazrus’s poster on Rising Voices of Indigenous Peoples in Weather and Climate Science and Policy being presented on Monday afternoon as part of the poster session of the Ninth Symposium on Policy and Socio-Economic Research from 2:30-4pm on Monday, 3 February.

(Why from Narayan? I always learn something new – and normally many things. I typically have posters I plan to seek out, but I find I most enjoy (and benefit) from the “stroll, stop and learnapproach.)

4) International Panel Discussion (Tuesday, 4 February, 3:30-5:30 pm, C107)

Climate Services to Support Risk-Informed Decision-Making for Building Resilience to Weather Extremes in a Changing Climate

(Why from Narayan? A stellar lineup of international leaders are on this panel, which will be a great chance to get updates about important efforts such as the Global Framework for Climate Services. Glad to see that the African Center of Meteorological Applications for Development (ACMAD) in Niamey, Niger will be featured in this discussion since they have a unique and important view from the Sahel.

5) AMS Early Career Professional Reception (Sunday, 2 February; 9:00–11:00 P.M; Omni Hotel, International Ballroom E&F)

Part of the Second Annual Conference for Early Career Professionals

(Why from Narayan? This event has now been happening for a few years, and without a doubt, this is where the energy is at the start of the week at AMS. Though I am no longer an early career professional, it is a great place to connect with a future mentee or a future employee. And hey, it will be a great place to connect after the Super Bowl – whether you are happy, sad or indifferent about the result.)

Look forward to connecting with you in Atlanta!