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Renee has a unique and steady voice that she uses as both a hard-hitting advocate for science policy and as a soothing, etheric meditation guide. Her voice is not something she takes for granted after more than a decade of speech therapy in her early years. These contrasts have helped her persevere through adversity, and become a compelling keynote speaker for professional development audiences.

Contact Renee (link to contact info below – same as Narayan) to become the next keynote speaker for your upcoming virtual or in-person event focused on effective persuasive communications and finding balance in a complicated work-life world.

Renee has also been recognized as a skilled emcee and moderator of large events where she brings in storytelling, humor and community building as core elements of the experience she facilitates.

Here are some of her recent keynotes:

Look Inside to Fly: Using Intuition to Move Beyond Your Limits

Are you a high achiever? Perhaps a bit of a perfectionist? As the world speeds up again as pandemic lockdowns loosen, are you going to return to your previous pace, or is there another way? Renee Leduc knows how dangerous a relentless busy schedule paired with perfectionism can be – it almost killed her in 2007. Join the C-suite consultant and meditation guide as she shares about moving past the easy answers to stress and developing a more balanced — and happy — life from within.

“I’m ALL IN! But am I really supposed to be here?”
How perfectionism, imposter syndrome and stress nearly killed me in the Washington, DC policy world

After four years in the federal government in 2007, I was working in a detail position as an advisor to the NOAA Administrator on satellite development. About ten months into that intense position, I was taken out of NOAA HQ in Washington, D.C. in an ambulance and spent nearly a week in the ICU with a critical illness that doctors say was triggered by extreme stress.

Today, more than a decade later, I am still engaged, enthusiastic and ready to serve the Earth science community – though with quite a bit more wisdom. While the stress at that time was certainly fueled by an intense work environment with long hours, in the years since I have reflected on just how much my early years in the enterprise in NOAA were heavily impacted by imposter syndrome, gender discrimination, (not so) microaggressions, and perfectionism.

Let me share with you how I found my healthy balance — with important tips to help you and your team find balance too.

“There are a lot of people in the world who start things, but Renee’s strength is being a finisher. Add to this the fact that she is loyal and genuine and you have a very powerful combination.” (Former boss and longtime professional colleague)

"Thank you so much for sharing such deep meditation with us. I always feel so much lighter and more able to cope in these times thanks to the yoga and meditation you share." (Longtime yoga and meditation student, yoga teacher)

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