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Why Narayan Strategy?

"Yep, it’s rocket science, and we can help your grandmother understand it, all in a short elevator ride.”

We have all heard about the importance of developing a clear “elevator speech” in a way our grandmother (or uncle or next door neighbor) would understand. But in the day-to-day world of aerospace, climate, weather and other science and technology fields, it is easy to get caught in the jargon and the acronyms that dominate these professional communities, where it IS “rocket science”.

Narayan Strategy is here to help. We know government audiences – both those that love technical lingo (but maybe not your technical lingo) – and those that really do not appreciate what sounds to them like science babble.

For your work to be successful – you need to CONNECT. From first impressions to long term contacts, you need to have your information encapsulated in a way that engages and impresses your audience from start to finish.

Narayan Strategy can also help you connect across the globe. As work becomes ever more international, being able to connect culturally with business contacts that you may only see over Zoom becomes just as important as the content of your words. We have diverse experience across the world – from Belgium to Singapore to Zimbabwe – to help you connect.

Kudos for Narayan Strategy

What Clients and Colleagues Say

“There are a lot of people in the world who start things, but Renee’s strength is being a finisher. Add to this the fact that she is loyal and genuine and you have a very powerful combination.”

“Renee is an exceptional person, professional colleague, and she is an incredible advocate for people and the planet.”

Working with Government Stakeholders

“Renee is one of the best people I have had the pleasure to work with in my career. She has keen strategic ability to see emerging issues over the horizon and the persistence and imagination to address the issue through solid planning and implementation.”

“Renee really showed her leadership in working on NOAA’s environmental satellite programs, becoming an expert in satellite procurement and inter agency relations during an exceptionally challenging and complicated time for the programs. She was relied upon for her counsel and partnership building skills by the most senior officials in NOAA and the Department of Commerce”

Clarifying Complex Topics to Congress

“Renee was able to make technically complex satellite programs understandable to government officials and stakeholders… and helped to “unwrap the enigma” of space,” (quoted by a Senate Commerce committee staff member)

Advising Executives on Challenging Issues

“Renee’s advice to NOAA leadership on relations with the aerospace industry was valued because we knew it was underpinned with her trusted relationships paired with a strong historical knowledge of environmental satellite programs.”

“In my leadership role, I have consistently relied on Renée for her invaluable advice and counsel and her ability to follow through on commitments.”

Navigating Regulatory Processes

“The letters, meetings and overall engagement on spectrum issues by the weather enterprise have been crucial to continuing to inform the NTIA, FCC and other spectrum stakeholders.” (from a former NOAA Administrator)

“Renee is a rock star” (from a partner company who faces similar challenges with spectrum regulations)

“Renee is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of navigating the science community.” (from a former FCC commissioner)

Building Partnerships in Emerging Economies

“Renee’s existing strong relationships in East Africa, particularly with key regional NGOs, paired with her strong cultural knowledge, added great value to the success of our efforts to build cooperation there.”

“Renee is very good at developing and executing communications strategies, particularly when they involve politically sensitive issues and cross-cultural contexts.”

Kudos from Media

“Thanks so much for the great help in developing and speaking on our segment on spectrum and 5G. I am glad you encouraged us to jump into this important issue. I’d love to work with you more on future reports!” (TV weather broadcaster).

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    Narayan Strategy helps its clients connect to the right people at the right time, creating impact and exceeding goals. We specialize in making complex topics clear to diverse audiences.
    4201 Wilson Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Arlington, Virginia 22203

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