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Where in the world is Narayan Strategy?

Where in the world is Narayan Strategy?

All politics are local – but local is a rapidly growing number of places. And in this increasingly virtual world, understanding numerous media sources matters more than ever.

Science and technology are getting more important across the globe – not less. There is more notice of climate and science issues, and even more interpretations about what it all means. If you have a message to share, knowing your audience and the right vehicle for that message are crucial to success. This is where Narayan Strategy comes in.

Whether you are focused on the U.S. or abroad, our increasingly virtual world is getting more complicated. With so many competing budget and policy priorities, and lots of misunderstanding about crucial global environmental issues and other complex topics — there is a lot more need for clear communication that breaks through the jargon and the talking heads.

Renee has become a trusted expert to numerous science and technology journalists and weather broadcasters across the U.S. and world.

Audiences are more global than ever. Messages zip across the world, but may not actually connect across cultures, especially in emerging economies. Narayan Strategy brings considerable experience working across Europe, Africa and Asia and has a track record of building sound partnerships in science and technology with an understanding of technology transfer and effective training and capacity building.

Narayan Strategy is also prepared to help you in Washington, DC – from connections with U.S. government officials, to navigating complex regulatory processes, to introductions to key Congressional staff to talk about the key budget issues for your organization.

Here are a few examples of Narayan Strategy in the News.

Renee is prepared to share expertise and experience in response to media enquiries and for speaking engagements. Some areas of expertise include:

  • U.S. federal agency science and technology policy
  • Congressional funding and oversight of science and technology programs
  • Environmental satellite procurement, funding, operations and international cooperation
  • Radio frequency spectrum policy and the science community
  • Environmental political analysis and strategy.

Video Media

Will 5G Affect Weather Forecasts?

BBC Click, November 12, 2019

Weather apps will benefit from 5G, says Renee Leduc from Narayan Strategy, “Of course, weather companies want 5G, but the thing is they are opposed to this issue because they are like ‘what’s the use of having a new faster app if we have inaccurate information?’” (interview excerpt at 3:33)

5G technology and how it can disrupt your weather forecast.

WHP-TV CBS 21, Harrisburg, PA, February 13, 2020

[Renee] Leduc’s Narayan Strategy is a weather and climate consulting firm based out of Washington, D.C. She, along with many in the weather community, are concerned that the increased use of 5G technology may have a negative impact on weather satellites. “One thing that we have come to learn is that, as we have more wireless devices, we have more demand for radio frequency spectrum,” Leduc said.

Radio Frequency Spectrum Usage and Interference Concerns of the Weather Research and Operations Community.

National Center for Atmospheric Research Webinar – 29 January 2021

Renee Leduc remarks start at 47:10

Radio Frequency Spectrum – An Emerging Achilles Heel for the Weather Enterprise?

Panel Discussion – 100th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society

Renee Leduc is moderator of the panel discussion featuring the Deputy Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Print Media

Global 5G deal poses significant threat to weather forecast accuracy, experts warn.

Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang, November 26, 2019

Renée Leduc, a consultant with Narayan Strategy who specializes in radio frequency issues, said she is “very concerned” about computer modeling accuracy deteriorating with this deal, especially during the early, less restrictive phase, as companies rapidly deploy more 5G networks. “We need our weather models to be improving, not getting worse, and that’s something that President Trump has said himself,” she said.

Global 5G wireless deal threatens weather forecasts.

Nature, November 22, 2019

“The race for 5G is going to go fast,” says Renée Leduc, a consultant with Narayan Strategy in Washington DC who works on spectrum-sharing issues. “In the early-to-mid-2020s we’re going to see a very quick uptick.” Although more protections for Earth observations will take effect in 2027, “I’m still really concerned about the time period between now and then”, she says.

New global 5G standard worries meteorologists.

Physics Today, Dec 9, 2019

One potential solution to mitigate interference, known as geo-fencing, is to have wireless companies “essentially revert their transmissions momentarily to 4G” when key satellites are overhead, says Renée Leduc, a weather policy consultant at Narayan Strategy in Washington, DC.

Weathering the Spectrum Wars: 5G Trumps Meteorology as FCC Rebuffs NASA, NOAA Call to Halt Auction.

Space News, Mar 25, 2019

“At times it feels like David and Goliath,” said Renee Leduc, founder of Narayan Strategy, a Washington-based weather and climate policy consulting firm. “The weather and water enterprise don’t have equivalent lobbying capabilities to the large telecom companies.” “So much of the current administration is focused on winning. By trying to win on 5G in a tone-deaf way, they are going to hurt themselves in terms of future weather modeling.”

Critical weather data threatened by FCC ‘spectrum’ proposal, Commerce Dept. and NASA say.

Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang, Mar 8 2019

“It is crucial the allowable levels of interference are decided in a way that is informed by atmospheric science since the measurements are so crucial to sound weather predictions,” said Renee Leduc, founder of Narayan Strategy, a weather and climate policy consultancy based in Washington.

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