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Renee Leduc

Renee Leduc is the Founder and Principal of Narayan Strategy. She brings more than 20 years of experience in government, research and the private sector to her work helping clients connect with their most important audiences on highly technical topics – across sectors, governments, cultures and political lines.

Renee’s career has spanned sectors, environments and time zones – giving her a unique niche to help your business cut through the details and the jargon to connect with the most important decision makers to advance your business and goals. Renée is comfortable working with you in numerous environments – from Capitol Hill or a regulatory agency in Washington, DC, to a project site in rural Kenya or an international meeting in Bangkok, or virtually – and anywhere in between.

Renee’s experience using space technology to build understanding of environmental issues began more than 20 years ago in Botswana when she worked with rural leaders to use Landsat satellite data to track land changes due to large elephant herds. Her passion for science and technology as tools to advance sustainable development later grew as a Fulbright research scholar working on climate adaptation projects with women in Malawi and Zimbabwe.

In January 2021, the American Meteorological Society awarded its Kenneth Spengler Award to Renee “for longstanding efforts and outstanding leadership connecting the weather enterprise, AMS membership, international community, and policymakers, and enhancing awareness of radio spectrum management issues.”

Renee’s focus on climate and weather began in earnest as a Presidential Management Fellow in the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), where she worked to make NOAA satellite information more accessible to policy makers in developing countries. She later served as an advisor to two NOAA administrators on the agency’s satellite programs. She built a stellar reputation for her clarity in communicating complex issues in partnership with industry, NASA, the Department of Defense, Congress and the White House.

Since 2011 Renee has been managing projects and leading government affairs activities in the private sector. She managed international affairs for a major NOAA contractor and led a major component of the NASA-USAID SERVIR Project, steering the effort through a major period of transition in collaboration with partners in Kenya, Nepal and Panama. She launched Narayan Strategy in 2013. Since then she has served government and private sector clients with engagement, advocacy and policy development and implementation strategy and execution.

The American Meteorological Society twice recognized Renee for her policy acumen, dedication and teamwork.

Renee is an active member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), serving on its Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation, the Committee on International Affairs and the Board on Enterprise Economic Development. She has chaired the U.S.-International Partnerships Symposium at the AMS Annual Meeting since 2017. She continues to serve as a thought leader and engagement expert for the weather community on spectrum policy with federal agencies, Capitol Hill and the White House.

AMS twice recognized Renee for her professionalism, dedication and teamwork. First, in managing the weather community’s response to critical spectrum issues with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2017; Second in 2021 for her leadership connecting the weather enterprise and the international community in the work of AMS.

Renée sits on the board of the National Spectrum Management Association and is on the Advisory Council to the Millersville University Department of Earth Sciences, one of the top meteorology programs in the U.S.

She completed her undergraduate studies at Bates College and her Masters of Public Policy at American University. In her spare time, she enjoys life with her beagle Dixon and teaches yoga and meditation online and at festivals across the U.S.

Expert Advocate, Executive Communicator, Thought Leader, Translator of Science and Technology Jargon, Seasoned Advisor to Global Executives, Policy Wonk, Environmental Satellite Aficionado, Regulatory Navigator, International Diplomacy and Development Expert, Partnership Builder, Avid Negotiator, Media Advisor, Committed to Expanding Global Climate Understanding.

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